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Nordic tassel double hammock

Nordic tassel double hammock

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The hammock is made of high-quality cotton, which is comfortable and beautiful. It is thick, skin-friendly, and has no odor. It will not become hot in summer. Automatic net, suspended with an elastic band, easy to stack. The maximum load of the hammock is safe and reliable. It is easy to install, just tie the lanyard and fasten it. The hammock is foldable. It can be packed in the original colorful cloth bag, the storage size is small, and it can be carried around. It can relax in the backyard of the house and on the beach. It is an ideal substitute for tents, sleeping mats, floor mats, swings, cradles, or yoga mats.

  • Suitable for all ages
  • Can be used in any indoor or outdoor. 
  • Suitable for bedroom, yard, terrace, porch, beach, or wedding decoration.


  • Material: cotton rope
  • Fabric / plus material: cotton weave + cotton canvas
  • Color / Color: beige

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